Good Design Matters

Tight budgets needn’t be barriers to good design. Whether it’s a living space that shares natural light, a six-inch railing where someone can rest a drink, or a warm wood finish, thoughtful details can define a place, set it apart from the ordinary, and lend new life to a building, neighborhood or community.

Mixed-Use: Let’s Mix It Up

There’s no shortage of mutual benefits to real mixed-use development. The right mix, concentration and placement of uses can spark a neighborhood’s identity, and can mean the difference between rich, dense community activity and the unnecessary trek to remote amenities elsewhere.

Our projects combine living, working, shopping and leisure, all co-mingled in a shared environment. Access to local, attractive amenities invites people to walk more, lessens their reliance on cars, brings life to the street, and supports both business and the environment.

“(The) intricate mingling of different uses in cities is not a form of chaos. On the contrary, they represent a complex and highly developed form of order." —Jane Jacobs, Death and Life of Great American Cities

Infill Housing: Good Neighbors by Design

Infill housing presents an opportunity to transform underused urban areas into inviting public realms. Responsive infill gives a place new life, making it more functional, exciting, beautiful, and sustainable, while at the same time preserving its character and history. Whether it’s a single building or an entire urban district, our aim is always to create straightforward, comfortable spaces, respecting good design and intimate scale to evoke a unique sense of renewal.

“They really are mindful about how their architecture fits into the neighborhood from a planning standpoint.” –Lydia Tan, BRIDGE Housing, client

Other Environments: We’re Wide Open

We’re proud of our award-winning work, which includes sustainable, high-density, and high profile projects that bring people together and enrich their surroundings. While much of what we do focuses on the planning, design, and construction of infill housing, our nimble approach and broad range of expertise positions us as ‘all-around players’. What can we do for you?

“ They’re known as urban design-architects; from the block level into the building scale.” —Will Fleissig, Urban Villages, client