Streetscape Concept Plan, Development Feasibility and Zoning Study


The Grand Boulevard Initiative is the coordinated planning effort of multiple Cities, Counties and agencies to develop a Vision for approximately 50 miles of the El Camino Real corridor into a series of vibrant mixed use hubs. VMWP worked closely with Strategic Economics, the prime contractor for multiple cities to develop and evaluate prototypical high density mixed use development scenarios for feasibility and to make recommendations regarding zoning regulations in order to realize the goals of the Grand Boulevard Initiations.

Issues Explored

  • Streetscape designs for BRT transit, bikeway designs and pedestrian circulation
  • Streetscape designs to support mixed use and residential frontages,
  • Parcel aggregation benefits to development feasibility
  • Impacts on density, parking standards, setbacks and height on feasibility
  • Locations for Retail Nodes along the corridor
  • Alternative uses such as office and residential as ground floor uses
  • Transitions to adjacent residential neighborhoods.

Project Scope

  • Corridor Analysis
  • Location of Nodes of Development
  • Parking District Feasibility
  • Parcel Studies
  • Bike Circulation Study
  • BRT Configuration Study


  • Mountain View
  • South San Francisco
  • Daily City
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