Mixed-Use Project Enriches Urban Greenway


Civiq is a 67-unit, mixed-use development in Oakland’s Temescal Neighborhood. Four buildings provide homes ranging from studios to 3-story, 4-bedroom townhouses. Photovoltaic and solar hot water panels will provide heating, hot water, and electricity; storm water is collected through a bioswale that irrigates native, drought-tolerant plants; and most building materials were derived from domestic, sustainable resources. The project contains two plazas, a common courtyard, and a walkway along the Frog Park Walk section of the Rockridge Neighborhood’s Temescal Greenbelt.


Create a landmark green, energy-producing residential community in a popular urban village, with well-established public transit options.


Provide a public greenway connection to the heart of the community. Create neighborhood retail outdoor spaces while serving as a transition from the commercial corridor to the residential blocks.

Design Features

  • Use of prefabricated modular construction on residential units
  • Incorporation of public walkway for extension of Greenbelt
  • Natural daylight for over 75% of spaces
  • Xeriscape and native landscape
  • Studios to 3-story, 4-bedroom townhouses