Winner Phase I: National Green Design Competition
Housing Authority of the City of El Paso


Our basic concept is built upon the premise that the use of modular building construction techniques saves cost, reduces project delivery time, creates
a high quality product and results in a comprehensive sustainable strategy. Our team has a proven track record for delivering this concept as a LEED Platinum, durable building on an affordable budget and a tight timeframe. Our proposed concept also demonstrates that these goals can be met while still creating spectacular international-quality housing. The modular approach implemented in this concept constructs entire single-story units offsite and delivers them to the site for placement. Units are stacked 2 or 3 high, complete with exterior porches and exit balcony segments. Other prefabricated elements include stairs and connecting walkways, thermal chimneys and rooftop platforms for mechanical equipment, and other utility infrastructure. Courtyards provide shade and relief from the surrounding busy streets and create a social context as well a secure environment for the senior population to enjoy family and friends. From the front porches of the senior’s home, the courtyard can be seen and supervised.

Design Features

  • Flex building containing retail, office or cultural resources,
    such as an environmental learning center or non-profit
  • Oasis courtyard for social gathering and gardening
  • Use of Modular Housing to create dwellings that are light, tight and elegant

Design Concept Video

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