A Place to Live, Work, Learn, Play and Shop


Koa Ridge is a 578 acre mixed use community in Central Oahu that includes over 3,100 dwelling units, a mixed use Village Center and Town Center to serve the regional shopping needs. A community visioning process created a list of core values and guiding principles that has guided the evolution of Koa Ridge. Based on this community-driven planning effort, the plan contains a series of neighborhoods with a mix of uses including residential, retail, office, live/work, a medical center and light industrial. Included in this mix are a series of neighborhood parks, a regional active park, churches and community centers, which act as a focus and help define the identity of each neighborhood. A network of streets and bicycle and pedestrian paths will connect the community internally as well as to the surrounding Central Oahu District.


To create a sustainable community that will provide a sense of place, ensure safety and security, foster a multi-generational community, increase walkability and decrease auto dependence, include a jobs/housing balance, focus on health and wellness and integrate transit and a mix of uses.

Design Features

  • Centrally located Village Center acts as a gathering place and community focal point
  • A hierarchy and network of streets provides connectivity through a geographically constrained site
  • Community includes two mixed use areas, two community centers, two churches, a school and an active park