Live/Work Lofts Rejuvenate Industrial Zone Into Art Haven


Off Broadway is a mixed-use infill development in North Boulder's industrial district. A former homeless shelter, this live/work community combines small arts workshops with loft living spaces. The project contains three 3-story buildings. Lofts directly above the work studios enjoy 20-foot ceilings with floor-to-ceiling windows. A south-facing outdoor "paseo", or community space, serves as the center where all industrial artwork happens. Off Broadway provides 13 workspace units and 17 loft living units. Each work unit features a roll-up glass garage door that opens to the south, into the paseo.


Create affordable, green live/work community for local artists with common work/meeting areas within existing site.


17 loft living units and adjacent workspace within mixed-use infill development.

Design Features

  • 20-foot ceilings with floor-to-ceiling glass to allow ample daylight into the artist’s workspace
  • Roll-up garage door for work units that open onto "paseo"
  • South-facing outdoor “paseo” community space for work/meeting areas