Transit-Oriented Dwellings Promote Community and Convenience


Osage Courts is a multi-family apartment development located directly across the street from Lincoln Park in the culturally rich La Alma/Lincoln Park Neighborhood. This transit-oriented development provides 185 market-rate rental units within walking distance of the 10th & Osage rail station. The buildings sit on top of a parking structure, creating three landscaped podium spaces, which act as semi-private courtyards for the tenants. All parking is hidden from public view in either the garage or carports. Landscaped planters, front doors, porches and decks provide “eyes on the street” and enhance the pedestrian realm with new, detached sidewalks and street trees.


Create a transit-oriented, walkable community that includes housing for families with concealed parking and pedestrian-friendly landscaping that encourages neighborhood interaction.


Expand the housing options within historic, single-family residential urban neighborhood to supply 185 transit-oriented, multi-family units.

Design Features

  • Very compact urban infill project adjacent to light rail
  • Achieved a very efficient density of 82 units/acre on a constrained site
  • Interior units face pedestrian scaled courtyards