From Low Density Industrial Site to Vibrant Neighborhood


South Westminster Transit Oriented Development [TOD] is a 100 acre redevelopment of an existing industrial neighborhood into a vibrant, mixed use neighborhood. The existing site [which requires significant environmental remediation] is located adjacent to the Boulder/ Denver commuter rail tracks and was selected as the site for the first stop along this line out of Denver’s Union Station. The site is also adjacent to a significant regional urban drainage area that is now envisioned as a community park. The site program includes 1,100 units of housing; 334,000 sf of retail space; 240,000 sf of commercial office space; 67,000 sf of industrial space, and a series of pocket parks, a main street and a town green.


Transform a low density industrial site into a higher density, mixed-use
Transit Orientated Development.

Design Features

  • Reconnecting the existing urban fabric
  • Replacing a dead mall with a vibrant transit oriented neighborhood
  • Creating an attractive and vibrant neighborhood adjacent to transit