Re-Use of Materials Creates Gateway to a New Community


The Welcome Center is intended to serve as the Sales Office, Community Center and Showcase for local artist’s work for both the Hunters Point and Candlestick Point developments. The structure utilizes steel shipping containers and is designed to preside on site for 5 years and then be deconstructed and relocated to another site. The program is comprised of an open floor plan, meeting room and reception area with flexible seating and tables for 50 occupants in a conditioned environment with connection to the outdoor terrace areas for potential larger gatherings. Moveable steel tube frame panels wrapped on two sides with gypsum board slide on tracks along the ceiling frames and allow sub-division of the interior spaces as well as art display.


Create a unique structure that will serve both as the community center as well as an introduction to these two important redevelopment efforts.


Accommodate multiple purpose use while using materials that relate to the history of the site.

Design Features

  • Adaptive re-use of prefabricated 20’ & 40’ steel shipping containers
  • Flexible layout for multi-purpose use
  • Display walls for exhibition of local art
  • Observation Tower created from placing 40’conatiner on end with possible wind turbine for energy production
  • Pedestrian access [arcade] is composed of a series of shipping container ‘end frames’


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