Green Commitment

Sustainability Is an Integral Part of Quality Design

As leaders in sustainable design, with LEED Accredited professionals in all of our offices, we’ve gained expertise on sustainability while continuing to incorporate the best products and practices into our plans. We implement sustainability as an integral part of quality design and a challenge to build community responsibly.

That’s why all of our projects include an integrated design approach; it’s the nature of the projects we choose to work on. We work closely with our clients to define green options and goals as a team, setting measurable, achievable goals and finding ways to make it all affordable.

Gaining Green Ground

Fortunately, the demand for sustainable building materials has driven product development and competition, so pricing has come more in line with conventional building materials. That opens the door to more opportunities for healthy, eco-friendly communities.

We prefer to design and build responsibly, carefully considering:

  • sustainable sites
  • indoor environmental quality
  • materials + resources (local whenever possible)
  • energy and water efficiency
  • innovation
  • community

and helping you:

  • achieve energy incentives
  • achieve carbon neutrality
  • achieve LEED certification, and
  • make a difference

People, Planet, Profit (the three P’s) refers to the basic principles behind sustainability, which create a triple bottom line.  Sustainable development must consider social, environmental and economic needs, strategically creating solutions that complement each other.

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