“I think the fact that they’ve worked in both the public and private sector is critical to their effectiveness, especially in the entitlement process. They know how to convey the information in a way that’s very accessible; so this engenders a level of trust that’s really valuable.”
—Will Fleissig, Urban Villages LLC

“We are thrilled to have achieved Stage 1 Gold for the Conceptual Plan LEED ND Gold certification on Sunnydale’s Master Plan. In their hands-on approach as Master Plan Architect, VMWP’s knowledge, flexibility, perseverance and passion all played an instrumental role in this successful outcome. As both urban designers and architects, they were able to adeptly coordinate and facilitate all the stakeholders of this intricate project, from various city agencies to the consultant team and most importantly to the community via an extensive hands on community outreach process. From start to finish they were an invaluable partner and we couldn’t be more pleased with the collaboration.”
—Ramie Dare, Mercy Housing

“They’re able to handle a very challenging crowd. They know how to do a presentation and can jump in there and do what’s needed. So, they seem like a team player.”
–Ruthy Bennett, AF Evans Development

“I think they can do really great design and can execute in the field; and they very much want to get things right. They learn from projects. Where something might have been an issue or a problem, they don’t repeat it.”
—Barbara Gualco, Mercy Housing

“I just wanted to put in writing how much I have enjoyed working with you on the Downtown Strategies. You are creative geniuses and delightful guys to work with. I am so impressed with what you have done on such short notice… not to mention the overall strategy, brilliant work…and the most fun I’ve had in years… we could not have had better partners.”
—Norma Fragoso, South San Francisco Redevelopment Manager

“It’s a very collaborative firm; they collaborate with the client. They’re open to new ideas. A lot of designers like to go in the back room and come out with the idea…But they hold a lot of workshops, which allows a lot of the stakeholders to come into the process quite seamlessly. It helps stop political opposition to the project; and you get more ideas and more synergy.”
—Marilee Utter, Citiventures LLC

”They hold up very well around the country. They’re better designers; they understand the (issues) better; they’ve been doing it longer, and they have creative answers.”

VMWP pushes you to go a little further; to go a little greener a little denser, more urban, and to not back down in the face of political pressure.”

“I know that they’re committed…They did a huge amount of research on it (green building), and that was before it was a hot topic, before it was becoming more common place.”

“We have made a significant commitment on LEED and green building practices, and the larger picture of sustainability, and VMWP has influenced us on this…They’re the champions of that part of our project. It wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for them.

“Because they are both (urban planners and architects), they get that there’re so many hands on the tiller. It’s not a clear linear process. You’re constantly trying to adjust; they get that. They would never say, ‘what do you mean that’s got to be changed?’ …Instead, they say, ‘how can we make that work?’”

“They are accessible 100-percent of the time. The quality of their communication is outstanding. It can’t get any better. And the timeliness of it, they’re so fast; and the quality of their work does not suffer from their speed.”

Van Meter Williams Pollack LLP