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Seán Nolan

Seán is an Irish architect, with a combined passion for architecture and travel. Having completed his studies in Dublin, he has lived and worked in London, Melbourne and now settled in San Francisco with his wife and two kids. These combined passions have broadened Seán’s world […]

Giselle Alcazar

Giselle moved to the Bay Area for college but remained after graduation when she discovered the unique mix of people and cultures, and subsequently the housing challenges that such a dense area presented. Her experience working on luxury, affordable and supportive housing has led to […]

Zuzana Skelton

Zuzana's architectural experience started in Europe where she worked on single and multi-family residential buildings while completing her Bachelor of Science in Architecture at the Technical University in Vienna in 2016. She moved to San Francisco in 2017 and continued her work in residential design. […]

Marija Marin

Marija has over 14 years of experience in architecture and planning, including running her own architectural office for more than 5 years. As a licensed architect in Croatia for 10 years, she worked on a variety of projects including residential design, commercial, interior design, and […]

Jason Gonzalez

Jason was born and raised in the Bay Area. His passion for providing and designing affordable housing comes from his personal experience and struggle to find housing amidst the housing crisis. Because of rising rents, insufficient opportunities, he understands the disruption that constant moving can […]

Pratibha Singh

As an Urban and Architectural Designer, Pratibha has a passion for exploring integrated design solutions to create resilient, sustainable, equitable and transformative environments. Prior to joining VMWP, she worked in Nashville, Tennessee on a variety of urban infill projects ranging from mixed-use developments, cultural institutions, […]

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