New Energy Storage Project to be Implemented at Valencia Gardens Affordable Housing Site

Posted on: November 4, 2020

Source: Clean Coalition

Valencia Gardens Energy Storage (VGES) Project

California’s first front-of-meter merchant energy storage project

The Clean Coalition is leading the Valencia Gardens Energy Storage (VGES) Project. This groundbreaking project, located in a disadvantaged community in the heart of San Francisco, will showcase how front-of-meter (FOM) energy storage can be effectively deployed in dense, developed urban environments.

Key features:

  • The first FOM merchant energy storage project in California.
  • Sited at the Valencia Gardens Apartments (VGA), a 300,000-square-foot low-income and senior housing facility with 260 units in San Francisco’s Mission District.
  • Will pair innovative energy storage with the existing 580 kW of existing FOM solar at the VGA — one of the largest solar installations in San Francisco — on a circuit with a peak load of 570 kW. 
  • Designed to enhance the interconnection hosting capacity of the existing feeder by at least 25% and ensure that far more solar can be sited on that feeder.
  • Staged to provide indefinite renewables-driven backup power to critical loads at the VGA and potentially other facilities on the feeder.

By demonstrating how targeted deployment of energy storage can increase the grid’s ability to handle greater amounts of distributed solar, VGES will set the stage for increased deployment of clean local energy in California and beyond.

Download a 2-page overview of the VGES Project (PDF)

This is something on the very cutting edge of electrical technology, energy storage and our goal to get rid of carbon emissions and slow down the deterioration of our environment … I have to say that the Clean Coalition has gone above and beyond working with the community, working with the trades to make sure this is a hugely successful and safe project for all of those in the neighborhood and city. – Joel Koppel, President, San Francisco Planning

To learn more about the Valencia Gardens Energy Storage (VGES) Project visit

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