1 Hamilton Drive | Mill Valley, CA

Thoughtful Affordable Housing across from Community Park


In September of 2021, a partnership was established between the City of Mill Valley, EAH Housing, and VMWP, to evaluate the 1.73 Acre site on 1 Hamilton Drive in Mill Valley, to entitle, develop and manage an affordable housing project. The project is a collaborative effort of the City and the Mill Valley community to design new homes that address the site constraints, topography and natural features, adhere to the City’s multi-family design guidelines and incorporate circulation, parking and pedestrian safety into the site design. The project has had neighborhood meetings and workshops till date to discuss options for the initial design concepts and the required careful site planning. The project concept yield looks at planning for 45 multi-family affordable housing units ranging from Studio, 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom and 3 Bedroom typologies. A 830 SF community room, bike storage, management offices and 63 parking spaces are being planned for in the design concepts.

Design Features

  • Stepping building up the hillside
  • Minimizing cut into hillsides
  • Minimizing view impacts for the existing homes

Project Information

Van Meter Williams Pollack LLP