2175 Market | San Francisco, CA

Location, Location, Location: Connecting Three Neighborhoods


2175 Market sits at the nexus between three distinct neighborhoods in San Francisco: the Castro; Duboce Triangle; and the Mission. This 88-unit, six level, LEED Platinum, mixed-use building creates a dramatic marker at this crossroads location. Our process involved an analysis of the surrounding blocks, San Francisco patterns, design and jurisdictional guidelines, and consideration of views and sun orientation. One of the most important factors in the design was the social aspect of this location between the neighborhoods and the bustling activity along Market Street. Smaller units are located on the North elevation to activate and engage with Market Street. Larger units in a walk-up building relate to the neighboring architecture along 15th Street. Other design goals were to provide a variety of open spaces with the courtyard and roof deck; create high-quality, livable units; minimize the environmental footprint; and reflect the structure in the materials.


  • Rooftop Garden & Courtyard
  • Access lower level units from stoops
  • Stepped building and entries with topography
  • Strongly identified and inviting Retail frontage & building entries
  • High Quality Materials & 3D detailing


  • LEED™ Platinum Certified
  • Orientation maximizes sun exposure for rooftop solar panels
  • Collection and retention of stormwater
  • Photovoltaic solar panels will provide for up to 95% of electrical power needs
  • Compact massing: Bedrooms and bathrooms are stacked for efficient use of materials
  • Solar hot water heating system with a 90% efficient central boiler
  • Recycled/reclaimed content carpet, gypsum board, insulation, cabinets, linoleum floors, paints, adhesives and sealants.


  • Building size/acres: 80,000 sq.ft./.41 acre
  • Density: 88 units- 210 DUA
  • Completion: Fall 2014
  • Program: Residential: 59,946 sq.ft.
  • Common/Utility: 12,119sq. ft.
  • Retail: 7,935 sq. ft.
  • Garage: 17,955 sq. ft.
  • Courtyard: 3,108 sq. ft.
  • Roof Deck: 3,304 sq. ft.

Van Meter Williams Pollack LLP