2323 Emerson Ave N. | Minneapolis, MN

Mixed-Use to Unite Neighborhood with Local Businesses


2323 Emerson Avenue N is a project that received funding through the Hennepin County TOD Predevelopment grant program for emerging developers. VMWP provided technical assistance and design from concept design through Entitlements. The project includes the new construction of 6 live/work units and a two-story commercial building, anticipated to include a business incubator space and bakery. The new development aims to create a sense of place and a community resource for local entrepreneurs and artists in North Minneapolis. The two-story building is arranged in an L-shape to activate the street frontages, with the main commercial entry located on the corner of 24th and Emerson. The corner entry is highlighted with an accent canopy, a two-story storefront that relates to the lofted interior space, and will include canopy mounted signage. The commercial volume features a light manufactured stone finish in contrast to the darker stone at the residential massing.

The residential units create a rhythm along both frontages using a variation in materials, stoops and canopies. The living areas and entries are clad with a dark stone, alternating with smaller areas of contrasting fiber cement panel. A dark stone base ties the two different residential materials together. The height of the parapet also modulates according to the material below. The “L” shaped development allows for a secure parking area, with access from the alley, that is shielded from view from both streets. The rear yard also features a shared common open space, with access from both the commercial and residential areas of the building.

Design Features

  • Corner commercial entry with canopy and two-story storefront
  • Live/work units with front and rear entries
  • Residential stoops
  • Shared outdoor common space

Project Information

Van Meter Williams Pollack LLP