32nd & Shoshone Affordable Housing | Denver, CO

Infill Redevelopment for Affordable Housing


32nd & Shoshone is a .77 acre, 53 family oriented dwelling redevelopment of an obsolete 10 unit urban public housing project. The site is located within the Lower Highlands neighborhood, a mixed used urban district. The site is reorganized as a secure urban block with a repaired public street intersection that also provides for small public places on both sides of W. 32nd Ave. A four story building fronts the primary public access streets, and step back at the 3rd level and at the side property lines respecting that lower scale context. 53 parking spaces are located below the building. A large landscaped and secure courtyard is enclosed by the donut shaped building. This courtyard contains a playground for resident children, and seating and gathering spaces.



  • Block corner building
  • Repaired streetscape / places
  • Urban art at corner
  • Step down massing
  • Secured courtyard



  • Client: Denver Housing Authority
  • Building size/acres: 74,147 sq.ft. /.75 acre
  • Density: 54 units / 72 du/ac
  • Completion: 2021
  • Construction est.: $16M