98th Avenue Master Plan | Oakland, CA

Industrial Redevelopment Creates Mixed-Use Neighborhood


The master planned community at 98th Avenue & San Leandro Street will consist of 10 discrete development blocks, including a mix of commercial/retail uses, 270 apartment units, 7 live/work units, 9 work/live units, 122 townhomes, 2,468 sf ground floor retail and over 40,000 sf of community open space.

The proposed urban design is based primarily on bringing the existing Blake Drive through the site to connect to Tubman Drive, and extending Garner and Tubman Drives into the site. In addition to providing necessary site circulation for cars, emergency and service vehicles, the centrally located woonerf enhances the pedestrian experience by providing an open area for social interaction.

Primary access to the project will be provided on 98th Avenue maintaining the existing alignment of Blake Drive with Medford Avenue across 98th Avenue. Secondary access is off of 92nd Ave through Ellington Way. The existing streets Blake Drive, Garner Drive, and Tubman Drive would be extended and incorporated into the new master planned community.


  • Client: Madison Park
  • Project size/acres: 10.16 acres
  • Total Units: 408 units
    • 270 apartments
    • 122 townhouses
    • 7 live/work units
    • 9 work/live units
  • Density: 40.2 du/acre
  • Open space: 42,507 sq.ft.


Van Meter Williams Pollack LLP