California Street | Minneapolis, MN

Bringing Townhomes and a New Park to Northeast Minneapolis


The California Street feasibility project is located on a neighborhood infill site in Northeast Minneapolis occupied by vacant 150-foot grain silos. A collection of 47 townhomes complement the existing neighborhood residential character, and together with a traditional alley-loaded configuration, several carriage houses rest atop private garages. The centerpiece of the project takes the form of a new community green serving residents and the greater neighborhood with a multipurpose space and pavilion amenity. Along the rear of the site is an overhead power line easement under which additional private garages are placed.

The building blocks of this project begin with a three-level 16′ x 36′ townhome model clustered together in groups of five to eight. Each townhome is accessed by a front stoop providing a raised ground floor and daylit basement level. To offer a diverse spectrum of townhomes within this format, some have an additional upper level penthouse with rooftop terrace, while others are positioned at grade without a raised stoop intended for seniors. Each townhome also features an outdoor private rear yard.


  • 47 townhomes and 8 carriage houses
  • New 1/4-acre community green and plaza with multipurpose pavilion
  • Collection of a modular townhomes applied with a kit-of-parts of materials, windows, and stoops
  • Traditional alley configuration with private garages


  • Client: Lander Group
  • Site size: 2.6 acres
  • Density: 55 units

Van Meter Williams Pollack LLP