Colorado Park Apartments | Palo Alto, CA

Contemporary Redesign of 1970’s Housing


VMWP lead the Colorado Park Apartments Renovation of 60 affordable housing units built in the early 1970s, housed in 6 separate buildings. Due to the age and condition of the property, extensive repairs were necessary to address dry rot issues at the exterior siding, balconies, and stairs. By providing entirely new exterior envelope at the Community Building and the six residential buildings, an improved thermal performance was achieved while integrating an updated contemporary look. Additionally, new metal sunshades were incorporated at the South and West elevations for improved solar control.

The site re-design focused on promoting healthy outdoor activities and increasing the resident’s interaction. The patio fencing at the ground level units was redesigned to achieve a more transparent look and provide a better visual connection to the community areas. A series of site amenities were added such as enclosed secure bike storage, additional outdoor seating, two new play structures, a barbecue area and outdoor fitness equipment. The renovation scope also included new landscaping, replacing existing lawn areas with native and drought tolerant planting. This significantly reduces the irrigation water usage, and allows for future use of reclaimed water. For improved sustainability, the Solar Thermal system was updated and new Solar Photovoltaics were added.


  • Building size/acres: 7 Blds/ 3.10 acres
  • Number of units: 60 units
  • Completion: February 2017


Van Meter Williams Pollack LLP