Comstock Mixed-Use | Santa Rosa, CA

Vibrancy and Activity in New Focal Point for Downtown


The 620 Third Street mixed-use residential, LEED accredited development presents a “City Vision” in which residents may live, work and play within downtown Santa Rosa. Stepping out of their new homes, residents will be in the center of town easily able to walk to shops, offices and recreational areas as part of their everyday pattern of life. This new downtown opportunity includes a mid-rise building with ground floor retail shops and approximately 116 residential units many featuring stunning views of downtown and the surrounding area.


Revitalize a central block of downtown Santa Rosa by enlivening the area with new residents, shops, services and workplaces.


Create a series of open space improvements including a newly designed Comstock Pedestrian Mall and surrounding public plazas.


  • Attractive, vibrant pedestrian oriented public space
  • Mid rise tower sited mid-block above 10,000 sq. ft. of ground floor commercial to be a major focal point for the downtown neighborhood
  • Transparency provided by large windows and balconies


  • Building size/acres: 200,000 sq.ft./14 floors/.59 acre
  • Density: 196 du./ac.

Van Meter Williams Pollack LLP