Mountain View Downtown Plan | Mountain View, CA

Implementing the City’s Vision


The Downtown Precise Plan focuses on updating the development plan for the most central areas of downtown Mountain View. The update evaluates and amends current design standards and guidelines related to physical building forms, massing, heights, lot coverage, setbacks, and parking. VMWP developed a series of building prototypes to represent development that met the guiding concepts and recommendations of Mountain View’s Downtown Joint Committee.


Manage growth by guiding it toward the realization of the urban design objectives and principles desired by the people and City of Mountain View.


Develop regulations and design guidelines to shape the quality and character of downtown.


  • Plan emphasizes New Urbanist design principles in creating a downtown plan focusing around the Caltrain and VTA Station in Mountain View
  • Incorporates design principles of walkability, mixed-use development and attractive public spaces
  • Develops illustrated design guidelines and development prototypes for important sites in the downtown area
  • Integrates mixed use, community activity and entertainment centers into the downtown and transit station area

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