Eastbridge Apartments | Denver, CO

Bridging the Gap Between the Town Center & Low Density Housing


Eastbridge Apartments is a multi-family residential development located just south of Eastbridge Town Center in the Stapleton community of Denver. The Eastbridge development serves as a transitional piece of the urban fabric shifting from the commercial center to less dense single-family residential developments. The 118 rental units are broken up into six buildings taking on a horseshoe form. Four of the buildings line streets while the remaining buildings define a large landscaped central courtyard. The architecture is composed of rectangular volumes and a mixture of flat and angular roofs expressing the volume inside.


To provide vital higher density housing to sustain the Town Center.


To develop a transitional, high-density community
between the Town Center and lower density residential developments.


  • Flip cap roof forms allow higher ceilings, larger windows and more natural light deeper into the units.
  • Larger patios and central landscaped courtyard to encourage outdoor living.
  • Tuck under garaged private parking is unique to apartment flat prototype.


  • High efficiency plumbing fixtures
  • White TPO roof reduces heat island effect
  • Cement board siding
  • Adjacent to public transportation
  • Energy Star appliances
  • Drought tolerant landscaping


  • Client: Brookfield Properties
  • Building size/acres: 6,200 sq.ft./.57 acre
  • Units: 8 Residential Suites
  • Completion: August 2005

Van Meter Williams Pollack LLP