Grand Boulevard Feasibility Study | El Camino Real Corridor, CA

Streetscape Concept Plan, Development Feasibility and Zoning Study


The Grand Boulevard Initiative is the coordinated planning effort of multiple Cities, Counties and agencies to develop a Vision for approximately 50 miles of the El Camino Real corridor into a series of vibrant mixed use hubs. VMWP worked closely with Strategic Economics, the prime contractor for multiple cities to develop and evaluate prototypical high density mixed-use development scenarios for feasibility and to make recommendations regarding zoning regulations in order to realize the goals of the Grand Boulevard Initiations.


  • Streetscape designs for BRT transit, bikeway designs and pedestrian circulation
  • Streetscape designs to support mixed use and residential frontages,
  • Parcel aggregation benefits to development feasibility
  • Impacts on density, parking standards, setbacks and height on feasibility
  • Locations for Retail Nodes along the corridor
  • Alternative uses such as office and residential as ground floor uses
  • Transitions to adjacent residential neighborhoods.


  • Corridor Analysis
  • Location of Nodes of Development
  • Parking District Feasibility
  • Parcel Studies
  • Bike Circulation Study
  • BRT Configuration Study


  • Mountain View
  • South San Francisco
  • Daily City

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