Housing Development Feasibility Evaluations | Honolulu, HI

Finding the Right Fit


Three unique sites have been identified by the City and County of Honolulu to evaluate for housing development in accommodating anticipated population growth. Together with Strategic Economics and PBR Hawaii, VMWP is conducting test fits tailored to each site that correlate with housing market analysis, planning context, and site infrastructure conditions.

Aala Park, the first site (shown above), occupies a portion of a public park in the heart of downtown Honolulu. The vibrant area is rapidly densifying, leading to the design of connected housing towers with ocean views fronting a revitalized urban riverfront park.

The second site, West Loch, lies further west in a more suburban context and straddles an existing retirement community. A variety of housing models are being explored including townhomes and mid-rises, all connected by a series of neighborhood greens.

Kapolei, the third site, comprises several blocks and occupies an emerging new mixed-use neighborhood. A future light rail station and bus transit center present an opportunity to transition the suburban area into a denser active community.



  • Multiple-site holding capacity study focused on a spectrum of housing types from townhomes to towers
  • Mixed-use downtown housing
  • Streetscape and park environment place-making
  • Development program statistics
  • Three-dimensional illustration of building massing concepts


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