Lackawanna Mill Redevelopment | Silverton, CO

Concept Designs for Community Conversation

The Lackawanna Mill was constructed in 1928 and is one of the last remaining intact mill sites in San Juan County, CO. The brownfield site consists of the mill building where waste was discharged into the floodplain of Animas River. The mill sits adjacent to the municipally-owned Mountain Recreation area that provides hiking trails and skiing to the residents and visitors of Silverton.

Three different scenarios were developed to showcase potential reuses of the mill building and its surroundings to the Silverton community. They demonstrate different levels of development with the possibility of phasing in activities over time depending on local capacity and funding availability. Initial improvements to the site can help activate the space. Various potential uses have been explored for the Mill building, including a ski rental stop for cross-country or backcountry treks, community meeting facility, a music venue or a casual microbrewery pub. Additionally, creating a space for summer tent camping or construction of a new building to accommodate year round lodging or research facilities was also considered.


  • Client: U. S. EPA and ICF
  • Site Area: 27 Acres
  • Proposal Completion: March 2024



  • Brownfield site remediation

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