Mountain View Rowhouse Guidelines | Mountain View, CA

Rowhouse and Multi-Family Design Guidelines


VMWP has developed zoning standards and design guidelines for rowhouse and multi-family developments in the City of Mountain View. The regulations and guidelines will establish a hierarchy of streets, pathways and open spaces to organize development and building relationships, and provide guidance for character-defining architectural and site planning elements.

Rowhouse dg’s

Rowhouses have become an increasingly popular form of housing in Mountain View over the past decade. The purpose of the Rowhouse Guidelines is to achieve high-quality living environments that seamlessly integrate into the existing neighborhood and expand housing opportunities.

r4 Multi-family dg’s

The R4 Zone is intended to encourage high-density residential development in standard residential zones, where previously they were only allowed in certain Precise Plan areas. It is the goal of the City to ensure that new R4 multifamily developments are a valued addition to the City’s existing residential neighborhoods


  • Maintain an appropriate scale and pattern of development that is compatible with existing neighborhoods and fosters social interaction
  • Establish standards and guidelines that foster creation of residential neighborhoods with automobile, bicycle and pedestrian connections; opportunities for neighbors to meet neighbors; and a strong sense of community
  • Facilitates the design of quality housing within a framework that promotes creativity


  • Northern Section California Chapter American Planning Association – Planning Implementation Award


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