North Nevada Livable Community Plan | Nevada, MO

Developing a Vibrant, Diverse, and Inclusive Community


The North Nevada Livable Community Plan presents an implementable vision for a 100 acres community on the Northern edge of the City of Nevada, MO. The plan outlines design solutions for this region to be a welcoming community organized around a large neighborhood linear park while re-establishing the traditional street grid seen in the downtown Nevada. The community will offer a range of housing options for its residents from small and large lot single family homes, to missing middle choices like a townhome, duplexes, triplexes, to denser mixed use multi family prototypes. The plan pays close attention to the environmental assets by retaining the existing natural open space and drainage corridors while creating a robust pedestrian and bikeway connection around it. Commercial and light industrial regions in the plan help create walk to work and live-work balance opportunities for an economically healthy community.


  • 14 acres comprised of natural open space and linear neighborhood parks.
  • Re-established traditional street grid seen in the downtown Nevada.
  • Variety of housing choices and prototypes for residents of all income levels.
  • Successful phasing of sectors/buildings and open space to be sensitive to market needs and to ensure that it is an attractive place to live during and after implementation.
  • Robust pedestrian and biking network to encourage options for leisure as well as commute.


  • Bioswales along every street for Snow and Rainwater Management.
  • Brownfield remediation through sensitive phasing and redevelopment.
  • Walkable and Bikeable sectors in a mixed income neighborhood.
  • Photovoltaic panels for energy production.


  • 4,356,000 sq.ft./100 acres
  • Density: Approx. 540 units.


Van Meter Williams Pollack LLP