Northside Livable Centers Study | Houston, TX

Designing Attractive Areas Where People can Live, Work, & Play


The Northside neighborhood, north of Houston’s downtown and connected through Main Street and the future San Jacinto Street, is easily accessible from I-45 and I-10, but cut off from downtown vacant industrial land. The study seeks to build off of previous planning efforts including the Northside Village Economic Revitalization Plan to provide a framework for future growth and improvements. Current residents could benefit greatly from new neighborhood services, retail, transit access and other amenities. The potential for infill development is great, and if done right can increase overall vibrancy without displacement while seeking to preserve the quality of life in adjacent lower density residential neighborhoods, minimizing the impacts of traffic and parking on local streets. The Study presents strategies to enhance the pedestrian realm and neighborhood connectivity of the future light rail stations.


Maintain the low and moderate income single family residences while enabling critical redevelopment along the transit corridor.


  • Community outreach will ensure positive changes to transit for the neighborhood.
  • Coordination w/ the Greater Northside Management District & community stakeholders to create a shared identity

Livable Centers Program seeks to create neighborhoods that are:

  • Compact and mixed use
  • Designed to be walkable
  • Connected and accessible


  • Study area size: 1,194 acres/ 1.8 sq miles
  • Start Date: October 2009
  • Completion: June 2010

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