SSF Downtown Strategy Plan | South San Francisco, CA

Blueprint for Opportunities Present and Future


VMWP is creating a framework or strategy plan for the City of South San Francisco that maps existing and potential opportunity sites, streetscape development projects, and public realm improvements throughout the Downtown district. This framework plan will create a blueprint for the City to follow as it encourages private development, builds public amenities, and works with public agencies to build public spaces and memorable streetscape improvements. VMWP is also creating concept prototypes for key priority sites which illustrate the potential and appropriate buildout of key sites within the strategy plan.


To develop a cohesive blueprint for the near and long-term redevelopment of opportunity sites and public realm improvements throughout the downtown district.

project requirements

The opportunity sites represent both public and private investment opportunities, replacement of existing public parking, and realistic building prototypes for potential buildout of opportunity sites.


  • Pedestrian-oriented streets
  • Mixed-use residential and commercial prototypes
  • Shared parking strategies
  • Active public spaces


  • Program: Downtown District
  • Creation Date: September 2008

Van Meter Williams Pollack LLP