Staff Feature: Elitsa Shepherd and Elaine Uang present “Residential Units Trilogy”

Posted on: November 11, 2021

At its core VMWP believes in the “learn one, learn all” philosophy. Our very own Elitsa Shepherd and Elaine Uang led a three-part lunch and learn called the “Residential Units Trilogy” that covered just about everything we needed to know about designing residential units. The structure of presentations took everyone from a macro scale of space planning, designing layouts, discussing typologies seen on projects to a micro scale where we discussed unit kitchens and unit bathrooms for both accessible and adaptable units.

We looked at a suite of unit plans from our projects ranging all the way from 3BR, 2BR, 1BR, Studios, Micro Units, as well as embedded typologies based on types, sizes, and markets. As part of creating a ripple effect, we also had attendance from some of our architecture project collaborators from other firms in San Francisco. VMWP is deeply thankful to Elitsa, Elaine, and others for sharing their knowledge with the team and making us all better designers.

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