Staff Feature: Tim Van Meter’s Hacienda Hilda

Posted on: July 20, 2021

Tim has an adventurous spirit. He has enjoyed part of his year remotely at HildaHaus, a sustainably built, Net-Zero, Carbon Neutral House designed by Tim in the high Colorado Rockies. HildaHaus and the story behind it was featured in Dwell magazine in July 2019.

Image of Hilda on the construction site of Hacienda Hilda in May 2021

Did you know that he is also building a jungle hideout in Sayulita, Mexico? Fondly referred to as “the Hacienda Hilda”, this ecologically driven home will be completed late this fall. The building, and designing it in collaboration with the amazing community in Sayulita, a “Pueblo Magicos”, has sparked a calling within Tim and his Mexican born wife, Hilda. Now, between the amazing work being done at VMWP, Tim connects with the Sayulita community and helps advise them in their housing goals. He takes time to participate in a local collective dialogue, based upon the idea of implementing local-initiated, -built, and -owned community housing. Often he is able to utilize the principles of the design & construction learned from the Hacienda Hilda.

When not volunteering his time, he is surfing and perfecting the art of margarita making.

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