Project Feature: The Mock Up

Posted on: December 12, 2022

Project Feature: The Mock Up

The Vitalia Apartments team was reminded of the value of the onsite freestanding mock-up.

VMWP and RHD were present to watch the installation of the rough opening waterproofing by Cahill. A particular thank you goes to RDH Building Science, Inc who reviewed the process and offered their expertise on window and louver flashing.

In spite of the additional cost, our client, Affirmed Housing, understands the value of mock-up to insure quality installation and avoid costly mistakes. Particularly with affordable housing, communication and efficiency are vital to a project’s success; Mock-up and team demonstrations are instrumental for the Vitalia Apartments.


Project Description

Vitalia Apartments at 3100 S. Bascom is a five story over one level of below-grade parking mixed-use building with over 619 sq. ft. of commercial space and 79 units of affordable housing. 39 units are set aside for the formerly homeless as supportive housing. The development wraps around a south-facing courtyard, which creates two smaller wings near the residential neighborhood at the back of the building. The circulation elements, stairs, elevators, and ends of corridors, are recessed or accentuated to break up the building mass further.

The building frontage along South Bascom Avenue is broken up into three pieces. The mid-section, or bridging element, has a two-story lobby with a transparent art wall facing Bascom that connects to the courtyard beyond, providing a connection from S. Bascom and enlivening the street frontage. This bridge is two stories above the lobby with wood siding that wraps below and into the lobby. The entrance to the below-grade parking garage is on the south side of the lobby.


VMWP team:

Fred Pollack, Pam Goode, David Gregory, Jeremy Stock, Camille Lo, and Ruofei Gao.

Full project team: Affirmed Housing, Cahill, Jett Landscape, BKF Engineers, dci Engineers, Building One Consulting llc, Wilson Ihrig, RDH Building Science, Inc, Redwood Energy, Linda Gass Art, Emerald City Engineers, Bright Green Strategies, Millenium Design Consulting, Highline Consulting

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