New residents move into Crossing Pointe South

Posted on: October 23, 2023

Happy tears for Michelle Garcia, Adams County Resident, who is moving into Crossing Pointe South in Thornton, Colorado.


Posing for pics in a new apartment. And this family has so many reasons to smile. “It’s a really, it’s a blessing.” A blessing, thanks to some help from Adams County. The Garcia’s moved into the Crossing Pointe South Apartments, an exciting and long-awaited affordable housing project in Thornton. All 142 units are reserved for families who earn 30 to 70% of the median income, a lifeline for Michelle Garcia.

“Without them, I don’t know if we would still be on the street or not.”

Adams County Commissioners, including Eva Henry, were there for the grand opening and celebrated the importance of this project.

“I was a struggling, single mother, and I was always one paycheck away from being homeless. And there were times when I lost that paycheck.” says Commissioner Eva Henry who understands hardship and poverty – it’s personal. “Every time I come to one of these ribbon cuttings, every time I sit through a MACO board meeting, knowing that people are actually going to have a chance to be able to do great things with their lives always makes me fill with full of pride.”

Thanks to several grants, Adams County invested more than $3 million in the Maiker Housing projects: Crossing Pointe North and South. Those grants change lives and show the support and partnership with Maiker Housing.

With shiny new appliances, great amenities in a prime location, it’s a dream home for so many.

“We overcame a lot.” says Michelle Garcia.

And for Michelle, a dream come true.

“This is exciting, this is like a new beginning for us.”

Welcome home, and enjoy, and take a breather.

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