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Aster Avenue Condominiums – Under Construction

DESCRIPTION The Aster Avenue Condominiums project consists of two buildings, Building A and Building B, with 94 units and 95 units respectively that are part of a larger development of 741 units within approximately 17 acres. The buildings are sited so that they are parallel to each […]

Emerson Park – Under Construction

DESCRIPTION Emerson Park, is located at the south end of the Metro Crossings development, a new mixed-use neighborhood including residential and retail, close to transit and other community facilities. Emerson Park includes large two- and three-bedrooms units for a total of 48 units. Featured within each […]

Westbourne Park Building C1

DESCRIPTION Westbourne Park Building C1 is located within the Metro Crossing transit-oriented development, a new mixed-use neighborhood including residential and retail, close to transit and other community facilities. Within this development of ±1,000 units, the C1 building prominently sits across the street from the Fremont Warm […]

Off Broadway

DESCRIPTION Off Broadway is a 17-unit urban infill, mixed-use development in North Boulder’s industrial zone. Located on the former site of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, this industrial arts, live/work community mixes ground-floor artisan/ small business work spaces for artisans with residential, loft living environments above. […]

Eliot Flats

DESCRIPTION Eliot Flats, previously named iUnit @ Highland Park, places 40 micro-dwelling units on a .33 acre parking lot in Denver’s rapidly revitalizing lower Highland’s neighborhood. The 22,075 square foot building has micro unit sizes of 390 s.f. to 460 s.f. and includes 40 enclosed bike […]

Park Place Olde Town Arvada

DESCRIPTION Development of the new light rail station in Olde Town is the catalyst for growth in the Town of Arvada. Park Place Olde Town is envisioned as the model of higher residential density to attract new residents to discover the dynamic Town. The five-story multifamily […]

2175 Market

DESCRIPTION 2175 Market sits at the nexus between three distinct neighborhoods in San Francisco: the Castro; Duboce Triangle; and the Mission. This 88-unit, six level, LEED Platinum, mixed-use building creates a dramatic marker at this crossroads location. Our process involved an analysis of the surrounding blocks, […]

Eastbridge Apartments

DESCRIPTION Eastbridge Apartments is a multi-family residential development located just south of Eastbridge Town Center in the Stapleton community of Denver. The Eastbridge development serves as a transitional piece of the urban fabric shifting from the commercial center to less dense single-family residential developments. The 118 […]

Rail Yard Lofts

description By the act of strategic building removal- getting to the ‘bones’ of the original 100 year old brick structures- raw interior and exterior spaces were revealed and transformed into ‘archetypal’ urban living conditions. This is something other than historic preservation, closer to a heart, lung & liver transplant, […]

UpTown Broadway

description This red mortar-and-steel development, set in a developing area leading to downtown Boulder, focuses on compact live, work, and play space. The site is divided into small urban blocks including a pedestrian ‘spine’ serving as a public plaza and organizational element. Parking is hidden from […]

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