Ho’opili Master Plan | Honolulu, Hawaii

Ground-breaking Transit-Oriented Community


Ho’opili presents an implementable vision for a 1,600 acre transitoriented community in the quickly urbanizing Ewa district of western Oahu. The plan focuses future growth around a series of transit stations while providing a wide variety of community amenities such as a mix of uses, natural open spaces, parks, bike paths and schools.


This type of transit-oriented development is the first of its kind in the state of Hawaii. The Master Plan introduces a series of new urbanist design concepts such as walkability, a mixture of uses, housing diversity and regional connectivity while seeking to maintain and enhance traditional Hawaiian values.

project requirements

At final buildout, Ho’opili will provide approximately 12,500 dwelling units in a variety of orientations including mixed use housing over retail, stacked flats, townhouses, rowhouses, live/work and small-lot single family. Ho’opili will also provide between 3-5 million square feet of retail, office and industrial uses while also including a series of 5 public schools.


  • A focus around two new high-capacity transit stations which act as “downtown” neighborhood centers for higher intensity development.
  • Civic Plaza at the center of the site which is surrounded by higher density housing development and mixed-use buildings.
  • Connection to the surrounding Ewa District by a network of streets and bicycle paths which allow a variety of circulation options for residents and visitors.
  • A series of neighborhoods with a mix of uses including residential, retail, office and light industrial


  • LEED-ND 2009 Project
  • 20% of site preserved as open space, including the most dramatic topographic areas
  • Plan designed for mass transit, lowering carbon footprint of residents
  • Walkable and bikeable mixeduse neighborhoods


  • Project size/acres: 1,600 acre
  • Density: 10,000-15,000 units
  • Construction Est.: 2012
  • Completion Projected: 2032

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