Santa Clara Transit Area Plan | Santa Clara, CA

Future Opportunities for Historic Train Depot


The Santa Clara Transit Area Study, initiated in Fall 2001 and funded by a grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, examined existing conditions and identified opportunities for new and in-fill development and redevelopment around the historic train depot and future BART Station in order to foster development of transit-supportive land uses and enhance the vitality of the area. The study envisions a new “downtown main street” mixed use area within Santa Clara’s historic Old Quad district and adjacent to the Caltrain and BART stations, as well as a major new mixed use entertainment and employment district with high density housing and a major park.



  • High intensity community commercial uses and new housing
  • Larger scale buildings establish a more urban edge
  • New commercial uses create an intense, active new neighborhood in a desirable setting

Project Information

  • Client: Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Van Meter Williams Pollack LLP