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California Street

DESCRIPTION The California Street feasibility project is located on a neighborhood infill site in Northeast Minneapolis occupied by vacant 150-foot grain silos. A collection of 47 townhomes complement the existing neighborhood residential character, and together with a traditional alley-loaded configuration, several carriage houses rest atop private […]

Sibley Plaza Neighborhood

DESCRIPTION Located along a key arterial in southwest St. Paul, Sibley Plaza today is configured as a typical suburban shopping center with a large parking field, single-story shops, grocery store, and a gas station. A freight rail line abuts the site and could potentially serve as […]

Lynlake Capacity Study

Description Linking neighborhoods throughout the southern districts of Minneapolis, a former rail right-of-way has been transformed into a major recreational greenway much beloved by residents and workers. Along the Midtown Greenway, new development has been springing up since the construction of phase one in 2000. The […]

Marin Square

Description The new development generates a better connection between the Canal District and the Bret Harte neighborhood. Includes Affordable and Market Rate housing for families, workforce and seniors. The development consists of four residential buildings with common space on each building for its residents, convenience retail […]

North End Station TOD

DESCRIPTION North End Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is a 203 acre site on the last leg of the North Metro FasTracks line. This development is considered Transit Ready Development, phased in response to market realities and established when the FasTracks North Metro line is put into […]

Arvada Transit Village & Downtown Plan

DESCRIPTION The Arvada Transit Village and Downtown Revitalization Plan outlines a strategy for revitalizing the Olde Town area, developing a new 8-acre multi-modal transit center (bus and train) as well as identifying housing and residential infill opportunities surrounding the transit center site. One of these opportunities […]

Rebuild Potrero SFHA Master Plan

DESCRIPTION The Potrero Housing Authority site is located on the edge of Potrero Hill, a steep site with dramatic views of the city and the San Francisco Bay. The transformation of this obsolete public housing site reconnects the street grid with a series of blocks similar to the surrounding […]

The Boulevard

DESCRIPTION The Lotus Boulevard Project is a design for a 7,500 unit township outside of Pune, India. The project is strategically located along the Old Pune Mumbai highway and adjacent to a future commuter rail station. VISION The design of the new township is focused on a grand […]

Federal Center TOD

DESCRIPTION The Denver Federal Center TOD is a phased Transit Oriented Development of 51 acres surrounding the Federal Center Light Rail Station, multi modal regional bus facility, and is adjacent to a major hospital and Federal Government employment center. The program calls for a 3 phase […]

Santa Clara Fairgrounds

DESCRIPTION The Santa Clara Fairgrounds project was a joint venture developer proposal to redevelop the approximately 150 acre Santa Clara County Fairgrounds property into a walkable mixed-use community. The plan focused around a diverse open space and stormwater management network that connects the residential areas to […]

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