Multi-purpose, Thoughtful Planning Transforms Former Shopping Mall into Rich Urban Village


The Belmar neighborhood is a redevelopment of a former regional shopping mall on a 1.3-acre site. The plan involves a mix of uses and an emphasis on pedestrian activity and public space. Cars are hidden from public view behind buildings in a parking court and in garages. The guidelines include design standards, building prototypes and urban design concepts for a variety of neighborhoods and building types, including apartments over storefronts, townhouses, live-work space, small garden court buildings, and senior housing.


Belmar Urban Apartments were envisioned as affordable family rental units in a new pedestrian-focused urban environment.


Build a site that serves as a transition between the active ‘downtown’ blocks and the residential townhouse blocks of suburban Denver.

Design Features

  • Individual articulation of the massing of residential components
  • Pedestrian greenway connecting commercial to residential sector

Interactive Street View

View in a larger map


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