Improving Quality Small-Lot and Multi-Family Development


The Small-Lot and Multi-Family Design Guidelines were developed to aid residential development and improve the quality of residential neighborhoods in Fremont. Aspects of the guidelines include: connection to adjacent uses; street and sidewalk design; parking standards; lot sizes; setbacks; garage location; parks, yards, and ‘tot lots.’


The City of Fremont was getting a lot of oversized homes built on small lots. The Small-Lot Design Guidelines provide clear direction to the development community of the quality of desired projects and assists the planning staff, Planning Commission, and City Council in evaluating the merits of future “small lot” development proposals.


The City of Fremont adopted a new R-3 multi-family residential district. The Multi-Family Design Guidelines support the new R-3 zone to ensure quality development and neighborhood compatibility while allowing creative design and flexibility for developers.

Design Features

  • Provides flexible guidelines to ensure creativity
  • Provides guidelines for transitioning between housing densities
  • Realistic development prototypes for small, medium and large multi-family sites