A New Pedestrian Experience


The MacArthur Boulevard Conceptual Streetscape Plan provides urban design recommendations to improve the physical appearance of three target areas along MacArthur Boulevard, between 73rd Avenue and Durant Avenue at the Oakland/San Leandro border.

Design concepts were developed and refined through a community process that involved a Technical Advisory Committee and three community meetings. The plan encompasses public improvements including streetscape, gateway and traffic calming measures as well as catalyst developments.


Create an evironment for economic revitalization and vitality. Enhance appearance and identity by creating an attractive streetscape. Improve public safety by creating a safe pedestrian environment and traffic calming.


Provide urban design recommendations to improve the physical appearance of the targeted areas along MacArthur Boulevard.

Design Features

  • Provides bulb-outs at key intersections to increase pedestrian safety and calm traffic
  • New street and pedestrian-scale lighting
  • Increase sidewalk widths
  • Creates public plazas and gateway elements at key intersections
  • Infill street trees to create a uniform tree cover