Faster, Better, Flexible: Modular Housing & Affordability


People, Planet, Profit (the three P’s) refers to the basic principles behind sustainability. Sustainable development must consider social, environmental and economic needs, strategically creating solutions that complement each other. Within these basic principles, we work to stay ahead of the curve in many of the technologies to help us define a set of tools for best practices. Our modular building prototypes for multi-family affordable housing are tools to give options to developers to meet the demands for sustainable housing. VMWP has produced prototypes for one, two and three-bedroom stacked flats, one and two-bedroom rowhouses, two and three-bedroom townhouses and one-bedroom carriage house. With faster building schedules, more housing units will be available for rental income to pay off construction loans sooner. Stronger factory built components are more durable and energy efficient. Volume buying and partnerships reduce purchasing costs. Developments can vary in size and density with flexibility of interchangeable prototypes to suit budget and site constraints. Bottom line: Faster, Better, Cheaper, Flexible.

Modular Types

  • Stacked Flat: 1bd, 2 bd, 3 bd
  • Rowhouse: 1 bd, 1 bd w/study, 2 bd
  • Townhouse: 2 bd w/study, 3 bd w/ detached garage
  • Carriage House: (2) 1bd units

Design Features

  • Open, compact and efficient floorplans
  • Vaulted top floor living spaces
  • Hybrid building system using SIPs to create modules
  • Exterior finishes can be modified to integrate with regional vernacular
  • High efficiency mechanical systems designed for different climate regions


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