Efficient, Spacious Lofts Complement Urban Neighborhood


Piedmont Commons is a 19-loft/townhouse development in an established residential neighborhood. Each unit measures 1,200-1,400 square feet and has a bedroom on the ground floor. The units are three stories, with an enclosed garage/workspace, an open living, dining, and kitchen area, and a master sleeping loft overlooking the living area below. Residents access the units via a private lane which functions as both pedestrian entry and driveway.


Create multipurpose, open floor plans for multi-family units with spacious yet efficient work and living areas.


Develop community of loft/townhouses on an infill lot in an established residential neighborhood.

Design Features

  • Pedestrians and vehicles share specially paved private lane
  • Enclosed garage doubles as a workspace
  • Open living, dining, and kitchen areas
  • Master sleeping loft overlooks living areas

Interactive Street View

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