HOPE SF Housing Authority Redevelopment


The Potrero Housing Authority site is located on the edge of Potrero Hill, a steep site with dramatic views of the city and the San Francisco Bay. The transformation of this obsolete public housing site reconnects the street grid with a series of blocks similar to the surrounding neighborhood, provides new parks and recreational spaces, places buildings on the street with individual entries facing the wide tree lined streets, and creates a variety of housing types for a wide mix of incomes.


To redesign the Potrero site incorporating the patterns of traditional San Francisco neighborhoods providing good defensible space design, with successful, safe streets and open space.


To replace all of the existing public housing units; to minimize displacement; to create an economically diverse community that is physically linked and integrated with the greater Potrero neighborhood.

Design Features

  • One to One replacement of Housing Authority units plus additional for sale and for rent affordable units
  • Innovative Green Street Network
  • Reconnection of street grid to adjacent neighborhoods

Community Meetings

  • Resident Meeting:
    team introduction & explanation of relocation
  • Resident Meeting:
    design team kick-off & current resident likes/dislikes
  • Tour of Completed Developments:
    60 residents tour 3 completed affordable developments
  • Focus Group: Safety
    group mapping of safe and unsafe areas, listing of goals
  • Focus Group: Sustainability
  • Focus Group: Commons/Group Site Design
  • Focus Group: Building Types
  • Focus Group(2): Unit Plans
  • Focus Group:
    held for Cantonese, Spanish & Mandarin speakers
  • Town Hall Meeting:
    Goal Setting/Focus Group Recap
  • Design Open House


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