Creating Healthy Neighborhoods with Distinct Identities


North End Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is a 203 acre site on the last leg of the North Metro FasTracks line. This development is considered Transit Ready Development, phased in response to market realities and established when the FasTracks North Metro line is put into place. The mix of higher density housing incorporates a maximum of 3,500 units within multifamily, townhouses, row houses, lofts and flats. The site also includes a maximum of 750,000 square feet of mixed-use and commercial development, including retail and office space, an inter-modal transit station and 32 acres of parks and civic space to serve the community. The relationships of these programmatic elements intersect to create and vibrant and livable community.


Revitalize a neglected area with a mixed use and mixed income community that provides broad access to work opportunities, affordable housing, community services and an attractive and healthy living environment.

Project Requirements

Create a compact, higher density, mixed use community served by transit.

Design Features

  • Small block neighborhoods adjacent to parks, plazas, and open spaces
  • Utilize and protect the rich natural habitat and mountain views
  • Lively mixed use streets create an entirely walk able community
  • Create neighborhood identity with integrated open space
  • New elementary school
  • Medical office facilities
  • Variety of retailing options
  • Variety of housing choices
  • Pedestrain first environment
  • Project approved by City Council October, 2009