Distinctive Architecture, Housing Variety Redefines Urban Living


This red mortar-and-steel development, set in a developing area leading to downtown Boulder, focuses on compact live, work, and play space. The site is divided into small urban blocks including a pedestrian ‘spine’ serving as a public plaza and organizational element. Parking is hidden from public view behind buildings and underground. The project includes 35,000 sq-ft of retail, 53,000 sq-ft of parking garage, public plazas, public lanes and residential courtyards and 223 residential units in 9 prototypes varying from live-work to carriage units, lofts and 3-bedroom town homes.


Uptown Broadway is envisioned as an integrated mixed-use urban village incorporating a mixture of price ranges, housing types, and street front retail for a variety of people in a pedestrian-focused setting.


Design an attractive, affordable mixed-use housing development which meshes naturally with surrounding areas.

Design Features

  • Pedestrian-oriented courtyards and walkways
  • Seamless combination of strong lines and rounded fronts
  • Stained concrete sidewalk murals
  • Hidden parking

Interactive Street View

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