A New Downtown for the City of Westminster


The Westminster mall sits at the crossroads of US 36, Sheridan Street and 88th Avenue, adjacent to a planned Regional Transportation District multi-modal commuter rail stop. The plan for this new urban neighborhood is organized by a traditional pedestrian-oriented street grid surrounding a central Town Square. The mixture of uses includes common open space, office uses, and dwelling units in 4-8 story residential buildings above ground floor retail including a multiplex cinema, and a "Restaurant Row". Four of the existing retail anchor stores remain in their existing location, while the new neighborhood develops around them into a pedestrian-friendly, walkable, new downtown.


The Vision for the redevelopment of an outdated 102-acre enclosed shopping mall is to create a framework and basic development guidelines for a dense, vibrant, mixed-use transit-oriented neighborhood to serve as a new downtown for the city.

Design Features

  • Shared parking structures take advantage of offset peak parking demand and transit center parking needs
  • Multiplex cinema
  • Centrally located town square
  • Greenway highlighted as a pedestrian promenade along "Restaurant Row"