Mixed Income Housing Reconnects Neighborhood


New public streets and private backyards transformed a failed housing project into a livable community in San Francisco’s Mission District. The 300,000 sq-ft complex includes 260 dwelling units, spacious community, day care and learning centers, a play area for children and a plaza with a sculpture garden. Four-story buildings line the primary public access streets and three-story buildings flank the interior blocks. Furthering the mix, homes for the elderly are mingled with mixed-income affordable family housing units. Exterior entryways, with individual house numbers, porches, stoops and walkups have helped reduce crime, restoring a sense of security and encouraging a sense of ownership and community interaction.


In an effort to improve an area plagued with high crime rates, this project knits a diverse community into the heart of a vital neighborhood, anchoring it with essential resources providing support to an underserved, at-risk population.


Develop a safe, supported community integrated within a vibrant neighborhood.

Design Features

  • Concrete Formliner finish structural walls creating strong street level bay rhythm
  • Re-introduction of vehicular streets into site to continue urban fabric
  • Urban art - sculptures, paintings and photography by local artist incorporated into public spaces

Interactive Street View

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